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Arts Advocacy starts with those actions an artist, arts patron or arts organization (profit and nonprofit) can take which are on the list of specific steps listed on the Advocacy home tab, like joining the AFTA Arts Action Fund, or getting a DUNS Number, or visiting our Advocacy Links page for local and national arts organizations that provide additional arts advocacy materials.

This Advocacy Action Tools section includes arts advocacy resources, an array of talking points on critical issues, a collection of tools for developing a presentation or leading a discussion with your local or state elected officials, plus materials on the legal issues for 501c3 tax exempt arts organizations that define and discuss the vital distinction between Arts Advocacy and lobbying.

As Georgia’s leading arts advocacy organization it has been our goal to provide you with the best and most comprehensive tools to use in your work as an arts advocate.  We believe we are stronger together; we will not exclude anyone who wants to be part of the necessary effort to increase arts funding and set favorable policy for the arts. We are therefore extremely proud to publish the revised and updated 2015 version of our ArtsGeorgia Offical Arts Advocacy Handbook.

ArtsGeorgia introduced Georgia’s first official advocacy handbook in 2013 with our publication of our ArtsGeorgia Official Arts Advocacy Handbook – 2013. The handbook was revised and updated with the publication of ArtsGeorgia Official Arts Advocacy Handbook – 2014. This year we have also updated the cover to reflect a change in direction making it clear that the advocacy efforts we are planning will be part of the fight to protect the arts, increase state support for the arts and arts education, and to support policies that benefit our artists, arts administrators, arts educators, arts organizations and local arts agencies.

This comprehensive resource is for your use today, tomorrow and for every opportunity you have to educate, inform and persuade your elected officials, your community leaders, government agency officials, business executives, funders, sponsors and your members that the arts are essential to Georgia’s economy for economic development, the creation of jobs, and that the arts have an undeniable intrinsic value for Georgia’s citizens and their communities throughout the state.

Arts Advocacy Handbook 2017

ArtsGeorgia Official Arts Advocacy Handbook - 2014

Download PDF ArtsGeorgia Official Arts Advocacy Handbook – 2013

Download PDF Appendix A – General Assembly Contact Information

Download PDF Appendix B – Economic Studies

Download PDF Appendix C – Editorials

Download PDF Appendix D – Advocacy Links

Advocating for the Arts

Talking Points: Why Should Georgia Support the Arts? Download Advocacy Action Tools PDF

Talking Points: The Value of the State Arts Agency and Public Support Download Advocacy Action Tools PDF

Talking Points: Tips for Advocacy Meetings and Talking to Legislators Download Advocacy Action Tools PDF

Advocacy or Lobbying: Guidelines and Basics

Advocacy vs. Lobbying Basics Download Advocacy vs Lobbying Basics PDF


Lobbying vs. Advocacy Links Download Lobbying vs Advocacy Links PDF