ArtsEd Policy

The Importance of Acting Now to Improve State and Local Programs

Arts Education Policy: The Problem and the Necessity of Action
One question you may have is, why now? The answer is very simply that we have to act now — or continue to watch policy support for arts education further erode.

Grantmakers in the Arts created the Arts Education Funders Coalition to keep arts and education funders informed and get their input on federal policy opportunities and other arts education projects.  A coalition advisory committee is working with Penn Hill Group to develop policy recommendations for key federal education laws and programs and educating policy makers on these recommendations.

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Arts Education for the Development of the Whole Child

Here’s a thorough Report on the benefits of arts education and its powerful “ripple effect.”

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An on-line clearinghouse maintained by the Arts Education Partnership that collects and summarizes high-quality arts education research studies and analyzes their implications for educational policy and practice.

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A Research-Based Communication Toolkit

This comprehensive document brings together rigorous research, program models and communications templates that confirm and clarify the importance of arts education for our nation’s youth.*Based-Communication-Toolkit.php

Cultural Education: A summary of programs and opportunities

The government believes that cultural education forms an important part of a broad and balanced curriculum, and that children and young people should be provided with an engaging variety of cultural experiences throughout their time at school.

The cultural education document sets out our ambitions for cultural education in England and provides an overview of the programs and opportunities open to schools and teachers to give all children access to a high-quality cultural education. It follows Darren Henley’s review of cultural education published in February 2012.

To download the policy paper in pdf format, click here.