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ArtsGeorgia has started a collection of editorials related to current issues that affect the arts. Articles posted will primarily relate to arts, arts education and arts funding. Articles will represent diverse points of view. ArtsGeorgia welcomes forwards of editorials from your local newspapers or media that you think should be included in the collection for review and use by others in the Georgia arts community.


speaker-icon4Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) Macon radio host Leah Fleming reports on the consequences of the dramatic loss of state arts funding.
So how do local arts groups manage to survive, let alone thrive? She explores the effect of the lack of state art funds with Jim Crisp, artistic director at Theater Macon as they celebrate their 30th anniversary with a discussion of their unique approach to survival.
ArtsGeorgia President and arts advocate Bill Gignilliat provided background for the story and is quoted on the impact of minimal state arts funding on community arts and arts education. Story in print and broadcast here.

What explains the surge in interest in public art? Consider these three factors. First, the form’s inherent ability to engage audiences. Second, its utility in progressive urban planning initiatives. And third, the fact that as art education in public schools has diminished because of pinched budgets, public art should stand as a resource and a beacon.
Designed to Engage: The Promise (and Pitfalls) of the Public Art Boom

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